1997 Hall of Fame Inductees


Dave Schultz - California Wrestling Hall of Fame
Dave Schultz

Dave Schultz
High School: Dave Schultz was a three time state placewinner (1st, 4th, 4th) for Palo Alto High School, capping his career with a 1977 state championship at 165lbs ( he went up two weight classes to help the team). NCAA: Dave was a three time All-American, once for Oklahoma State (3rd at 150,) and twice for Oklahoma (2nd at 158 and 1st at 167). Note: Because Dave transferred twice, he was allowed only three seasons of eligibility. National Open: Dave won eight freestyle and two Greco-Roman senior national tittles over a 19-year period at three different weights: 149.5, 163, and 180.5 pounds. Moreover, he was voted the “Most Outstanding” wrestler on four occasions. World Titles: Dave won one World championship and one Olympic gold medal. He was a seven-time world medalist (counting his Olympic gold.) He was also a five-time World Cup champion. Pan Ams: Dave won the Pan American Championship in Greco Roman in 1977 and the Pan American Games in freestyle ten years later. Tblisi: Dave is the only American ever to win two Tblisi titles, second in most World and Olympic Medals, second in most World Medals, second in consecutive World and Olympic Medals, tied for second in most World Cup Gold Medals, tied for second in most World Cup Medals, tied for fourth in most National Freestyle Medals.

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