This is a guideline of people who might be considered as nominees for the California Hall Of Fame. Some of you might not agree with some of these names, while others may have recommended names of individuals that were unintentionally omitted.
Please add names of people that come to mind that might have forgotten and/or overlooked. Please include a one paragraph profile on these people.

The intent is to present a list to our Hall Of Fame committee, for consideration. It is extremely important that we thoroughly consider all potential nominees from throughout the state.

Criteria for nomination & selection:
1. Service above self
2. Contribution to the sport of wrestling
3. Accomplishments as a coach, official, or participant
4. Setting an example both on and off the mat (ethical character).


Introduction: Since this is the second year that we will be nominating individuals for the California Wrestling Hall Of Fame, it is important that we have in place a process that will a) recognize any deserving person, b) will be fair, considering all areas of the state and all categories of nominees (coaches, participants, officials, supporters, etc.), and, will be a practical, workable process. Therefore, the following selection procedure is in place.

1. Each California Wrestling Hall Of Fame Committee member will receive a list of possible nominees along with a profile on each nominee. Add any names that you feel should be considered, along with a profile on the person. Fill out the online form by September 15.

A finalized list, including any new names submitted by committee members, will be sent to each member. The member will select a maximum of 15 names of people he/she feels are worthy candidates. Again, return this list with your 15 selections to Lynn Dyche by October 10.

2014 Inductees

The lists from each member will be tabulated. The top nominees, as a result of tabulating the lists submitted by the members will be the hall of fame finalists.

The Selection Committee will receive a packet on each finalist (resume, photo, and letters of recommendation), plus a ballot.
Each Selection Committee member will vote yes or no on each finalist and this will be treated in a confidential manner.

Those finalists receiving 80% positive votes will be inducted into the California Wrestling Hall Of Fame. (8 of 10 Votes – YES)

If you would like to nominate an individual for induction into the California Wrestling Hall of Fame please fill out the online form.

Online Form Must Be Filled Out By September 15th.

Online Form

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