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Nomination Process:
This is a guideline of people who might be considered as nominees for the California Hall of Fame. 

Criteria for nomination & selection:
1. Service above self.
2. Contribution to the sport of wrestling.
3. Accomplishments as a coach, official, participant or supporter.
4. Setting an example both on and off the mat (ethical character).

All information will be sent by email
Please send in the names of people that you would like to nominate with the following information. No written profile will be accepted by mail. They can be sent at any time, but should be sent by May the year before the banquet.

The Banquet Rotates: 
North: (CiF Sections: North Coast, Northern, Sac-Joaquin, Central Coast, Oakland, San Francisco)
Central:  (CIF Central Section & Southern Section north of Santa Maria
Southern: (CIF Southern & San Diego Sections)

Profiles are sent to the appropriate Area Representative (see above):
North – Duane Morgan
Central – Dennis Bardsley
South – Jeff Roberts

1. Hall of Fame – Outstanding Wrestling accomplishments, Outstanding Coaching accomplishments and Outstanding service to the sport.

2. Lifetime Service – Individuals that have dedicated not only years (a minimum of 10 years), but decades to the sport, that hardly ever get recognized.   Referees, tournament directors, photography, newsletters, bracket, statisticians, head table admin, volunteers, etc.

3. Lynn Dyche Legacy Award – This award is presented to an individual who has contributed to the sport of amateur wrestling through multiple levels of involvements for a minimum of 40 years.  The levels of involvement must include being an athlete, a coach, an athletic administrator, an official and a media representative. This person should have been an innovator, who positively impacted amateur wrestling in these areas of involvement.  

Must include:
Your name, email and phone number.
Nominee’s name, email and phone number. Half page profile on the nominee. Profiles that are longer will be shortened to a half page, possibly leaving out important information.

2014 Inductees


It is important that we have in place a process that will a) recognize any deserving person, b) will be fair, considering all areas of the state and all categories of nominees (coaches, participants, officials, supporters, etc.), and, will be a practical, workable process. Therefore, the following selection procedure is in place.

1.  Local representative receives nominations by June for a May banquet.

2.  Local Committee meets and selects 15 HOF nominations and 10 Lifetime Service in July/August.

3.  These names are forwarded to the HOF President and Director in August.

4.  Each California Wrestling Hall Of Fame Committee member (25) will receive a list of 15 possible nominees along with a profile on each nominee. The member will select(vote) a maximum of 10 names of people he/she feels are worthy candidates in September.

5.  The vote from each member will be tabulated. The top 10 nominees, as a result of tabulating the lists submitted by the members will be the hall of fame finalists.

6.  The Selection Committee (10) will receive a packet on each finalist (resume, photo, and letters of recommendation), plus a ballot.  Each Selection Committee member will vote yes or no on each finalist and this will be treated in a confidential manner.  Those finalists receiving 80% positive votes will be inducted into the California Wrestling Hall Of Fame. (8 of 10 Votes – YES)

7.  Names will be announced in November.

Download the full document here:  Download Here

2 thoughts on “Nomination Process

  1. Ron Baldwin Reply

    I’d like to nominate Elmer Pfaffenberger. Past coach at Woodland HS, he has passed away and has been overlooked. He would be in the Sac-Joaquin Section. Started Ranking teams and wrestlers in the Sacramento Bee in the 60s. Also started pushing for certificates weigh ins. He helped wrestling grow in Northern California. Ron Baldwin, HOF, 2008

  2. Doug Perrin Reply

    I looked at the CWHOF website but am still uncertain about exactly how to make nominations. Is there an actual form to fill out. I have quite a few names of officials and one coach who I believe are worthy of consideration for the CWHOF Lifetime of Service Awards.
    Frank Kerby (Fresno) – 60 years as an official, instructional chair and assigner for the San Joaquin Valley Officials Association for decades, many times a state meet official. Officiated College for decades.
    Ernie Del Rio (Santa Maria and North Fork) – 45 years as an official, has been President of the SCWOA, President of the Los Padres Wrestling Officials Association, 3 time state meet official.
    Jim Gin – (Shell Beach) 45 years as a high school official, has been President of the SCWOA and is the current Treasurer, President of the Los Padres Wrestling Officials Association.
    Dennis Wren-(Maybe already in)(Bakersfield) 50+ years as a high school official, many time state meet official, officiated college for decades, long time instructional chair and assigner for the Kern County Wrestling Officials. Lifetime of Service award from the California Wrestling Hall of Fame.
    Amador Galvez – (Bakersfield) – 48 years as a high school official, may time state meet official, instructional chair Kern County Wrestling Officials Association.
    Chris Monteiro – (Paso Robles) – 40+ years of coaching wrestling at Paso Robles High School. Also coached high school and youth football for decades.

    Doug Perrin
    please let me know if you want any additional info

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